Mighty Metis: Maia Malas

My passion is people, their stories and the fact that life is stranger than fiction.

I focus on Arab talent and take their great ideas from script to screen. Whatever the screen; what matters is the story immerse, entertain and inform both the maker and the viewer.

Storytelling, to me, is a form of live anthropology and like to work on authentic narrative. Projects I lead and collaborate on often explore subversive notions of culture, identity, family, society, economics and education in the Arab realm of experience.

Mighty Metis was created because I believe the Arab region is swarming with wonderful ideas, great stories and massive talent. My ambition is to pour this raw talent into a creative development and writing process; enabling succinct, sharp, gripping storytelling, formatted to the most sought after platforms, and, the now very well versed Arab audiences. 

As a script consultant development and creative producer, working with writers and running writers rooms, I always design and nurture an environment where ideas run through a creative pipeline that facilitates streamlined, stunning storytelling broken-down across set minutes, episodes or seasons to capture and captivate audiences with spirited sincerity.  

I  collaborate and manage scripts and writers room, both in the UK and the Arab world, with mainstream TV channels, independent production companies and media development organisations. I create, develop and produce content for various formats including TV, platforms, online on for radio, all across diverse remits.

I have worked on a myriad of projects; including weekly programmes for BBC Arabic, drama TV series for up and coming platforms, pan-Arab and Egyptian TV channels, as well as documentary films.

Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, I am previously a Londoner originating from Amman with Syrian roots. My career started in Jordan as a young print journalist. I moved to London in 2003 to work in media training before focusing on script and production since 2008.