My passion is people, their stories and the fact that life is stranger than fiction.

I focus on working with Arab talent on ideas from script to screen.Whichever the screen, whatever the platform; what matters is the story immerse, entertain, and inform both the maker and the viewer.

Storytelling is a form of live anthropology so seeking authentic narrative is key. As a creative producer, projects I collaborate on often explore notions of culture, identity, family, society, economics and education in the Arab context.

I have worked with mainstream TV channels, independent production companies and media development organisations. I develop and produce content for various formats and on diverse remits.

My career started with the written word in Jordan as a young print journalist. I moved to London in 2003 to work in media training before focusing on production since 2008. Currently, I am heading development at Front Row Filmed Entertainment. Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, I am a Londoner originating from Jordan with Syrian roots.