About Me

One of the advantages of being a kid in the 80s is how little there was by way of distraction during the times when one couldn’t do anything but be in one’s own head. I am grateful for those moments: in the car, at restaurants or at family gatherings, where it was primarily adult time; or at home when the afternoons would turn to early evenings.

It was then that my mind would either wonder to faraway, self narrated, alternative realities; or when my eye would catch someone doing something and I would spend hours trying to envisage who that person is in all the other spaces they occupy outside of the moment I caught them in.

When I didn’t want to make up my own stories, I would revert to the best narrators in my life: my grandmothers – who often recounted entire tales I’ve heard tens of times over. I never minded. I loved to notice what bits they would recount consistency the same each time, and what bits would change with repetition. Storytelling is my ultimate pass-time and so I feel so lucky that I get to do it as a job. 

Storytelling, to me, is a form of live anthropology, I am not only interested in what the story is about, but also by how it’s told or recount. I try to focus on authentic narrative and projects I collaborate on often explore subversive notions of culture, identity, family, society, economics and education in the Arab realm of experience.

Currently exploring my love of stories through my work as Head of Development at Yalla Yalla, an Arabic original content development, production and distribution outfit, I am still motivated by what inspired me to start Mighty Metis Media. I believe the Arab region is swarming with wonderful ideas, great stories and massive talent, deserving of our own narrative. My ambition is to pour this raw talent into a creative development and writing process; enabling succinct, sharp, gripping storytelling, formatted to the most sought after platforms, and, the now, the very well versed Arab audiences. 

I  collaborated and managed scripts and writers’ rooms, both in the UK and the Arab world, for mainstream TV channels, independent production companies and media development organisations. I created, developed and produced content for various formats including TV, platforms, online on for radio, all across diverse remits. I have worked on a myriad of projects; including weekly programmes for BBC Arabic, drama TV series for up and coming platforms, pan-Arab and Egyptian TV channels, as well as documentary films.

Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, I am previously a Londoner originating from Amman with Syrian roots. My career started in Jordan as a young print journalist. I moved to London in 2003 to work in media training before focusing on script and production since 2008.