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I Don’t Know This Much Is True

I don't know. I just don't. Who would've thought this may just be the most profound and contenting statement as I approach 'The Fourth Decade According to Maia'. Not me. I really, truly and foolishly thought that by the time I would get to the age that my father was when I was 10, I… Continue reading I Don’t Know This Much Is True

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Words as Weapons

Words are weapons of mass destruction. I am going to pile a bunch of words together to make two obvious hastily generalising remarks. They may appear disjointed at first, but I will work my way to conjoining them in a stream-of-consciousness-type narrative eventually. Women are complacent in perpetuating a patriarchal world. Patriarchy sucks hard for men too… Continue reading Words as Weapons


Seeing is Believing: In Search of [The Right] Heroines Part II

Speaking of finding the right female voices that I would like my daughter exposed to, I have been thinking a lot about aspirational women and how often (or not) we, in the Arab region, are given the opportunity to truly see them, hear them and, more importantly, to relate to their experience and aspire to be… Continue reading Seeing is Believing: In Search of [The Right] Heroines Part II