Mighty Writers’ Rooms

Whether an original idea, a commission or a workshop concept; I design a writing process and create capacity for projects to see full fruition.

I work with a diverse range of established writers as well as newcomers, and approach projects as opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow as I help prepare scripts that immerse and entertain.

With a full understanding of the production pipeline and best industry practices in the Arab region and internationally, I understand the stages that come after the scripting and work seamlessly to prep and cross over into production. Experienced in a varied scope of media and audience, I focus on all of the major and the nuanced different approaches needed whether writing for platform, TV, web, podcast or radio.

I work on scripts in Arabic and in English and can source support for other languages likes French or Spanish.

  • Take on a concept, idea or story and create a bespoke room to develop and nurture it into script. I workshop from initial inception all the way to shooting script.
  • Fortify the room with resources and people around the project and the main talent(s), whether Creator(s) or Head Writer(s) if and as needed.
  • Designing, developing, structuring story; I plan the writing to format, genre and style across a diverse range of stages to get scripts ready for the screen.
  • Utilizing different methods and tools, we are versed in the elements required to elevate a show or a film to it’s full potential.
  • Breaking a project into creative stages and deliverables, able to process budgets, schedules and lists to enable production prep and talent scoping.
  • Collaborate creatively with directors, producers and other crew to ensure that what is on paper is full digestable and production ready.
  • Broadcasters, Media platforms and production companies approach us to brainstorm, pitch and develop original ideas for their specific audience or remit.
  • Excavate talent and source material to ideate and pitch stories that are laid out and pegged at the audience in mind.
  • Wide coverage and a vast network of storytellers, writers, publishers and producers is spread across the Arab region as well as internationally including the UK, the USA.
  • Source unique IP, formats, stories and talent and package the different elements of story to be truly gripping both creatively and lucratively.