Writers’ Rooms: Stories from script to screen

Whether an original idea, a commission or a workshop concept; we design a writing process and create capacity for projects to see full fruition, as we cater to the specific type of story and target audience.

We work with a diverse range of established writers, as well as newcomers, and approach projects as opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow as we prepare script that immerse and entertain.

With a full understanding of the production pipeline and best industry practices in the Arab region and internationally, we understand the stages that come after the scripting and work seamlessly to prep and crossover into pre-production. Experienced in a varied scope of media and audience, we hone in on both the major and the nuanced differences between writing for platform, TV, even for radio.

We work on scripts in Arabic and in English and can source support for other languages likes French or Spanish.

  • Take on a concept, idea or story and create a bespoke room to develop and nurture it into script. We workshop from initial inception all the way to shooting script.
  • Fortify the room with resources and people around the project and the main talent(s), whether Creator(s) or Head Writer(s) if and as needed.
  • Designing, developing, structuring story; we write to format, genre and style across a diverse range of stages to get scripts ready for the screen.
  • Utilizing different methods and tools, we are versed in the elements required to elevate a show or a film to it’s full potential.
  • Breaking a project into creative stages and deliverables, we are also able to process budgets, schedules and lists to enable production prep and talent scoping.
  • Collaborate creatively with directors, producers and other crew to ensure that what is on paper is full digestable and production ready.
  • Broadcasters, Media platforms and production companies approach us to brainstorm, pitch and develop original ideas for their specific audience or remit.
  • Excavate talent and source material to ideate and pitch stories that are laid out and pegged at the audience in mind.
  • Wide coverage and a vast network of storytellers, writers, publishers and producers is spread across the Arab region as well as internationally including the UK, the USA.
  • Source unique IPs, formats, stories and talent and package the different elements of story to be truly gripping both creatively and lucratively.

Mighty Metis has excavated, ideated, developed and completed scripting on original platform shows, award-winning drama series, feature films, award-winning documentaries as well as debutante web and radio series.